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Engine type DOHC parallel 2 cylinder 8 valve
Displacement 493.9 cc
Compression Ratio 11.5:1
Maximum Power 39.6KW/8500r/min
Maximum Torque 50.2N.m/6500r/min
Maximun Speed 195km/h
Tank Capacity 15L
Lenght 2050mm
Width 800mm
Height 1150mm
Seat Height (Low Seat)790/(High Seat)820mm
Weight 183kg
ABS Dual channel ABS



Based on the design style of sports cars in the 1990s.
Underneath the retro classic appearance lies unparalleled handling and tuning.
In today's uniform sports car models.
Undoubtedly, it gives you a unique style.
Unique and exclusive with full personality.

Front design

Racing headlights, high surround windshield with a rounded and slightly modern feel
Streamlined hood design
Etachable large lampshadefully personalized

motion performance 1

China's first low-pressure sand core cast aluminum alloy frame.
Low pressure mode ensures no air holes in the frame.
Hollow sand core effectively reduces weight

motion performance 2

Inverted 41mm adjustable front damping
Adjustable rear oil pressure damping for shock absorption.

motion performance 3

Adopting the new S3 series hot melt tire.
After warm-up for 5-8km of tires, you can enter the optimal state.
Optional with DIABLO ROSSO tires

motion performance 4

Aircraft braking system - supplier Hangte.
Who dares to ride fast only when they can brake quickly.
Optional Brembo braking system from Italy.

motion performance 5

Aluminum alloy single rocker arm.
Maximum outer diameter of single rocker shaft 50mm.
Maximum axial yield strength

Water-cooled inline twin cylinder engine

More than 30000 kilometers of road testing.
finely tuned ECU program.Accelerate and enjoy yourself.
Medium speed economy.High speed without discounts

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