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Engine type V-type 2 cylinder 4 stroke
Displacement 316 cc
Compression Ratio 11.5:1
Maximum Power 23.5KW/8500r/min
Maximum Torque 26.3N.m/6500r/min
Maximun Speed 145km/h
Tank Capacity 14L
Lenght 2250mm
Width 845mm
Height 1210mm
Seat Height (Front Seat)675/(Rear Seat)770mm
Weight 195kg
ABS Dual channel ABS
  • Detail

  • Water cooled V-type dual cylinder engine

    Adopting ZT-316 independently developed by ZETHS
    316CC V-cylinder engine.

    Classic DS style

    Tough and domineering hood vent design

    TFT Meter

    Exquisite appearance with complete functions,
    reserved JBL audio modification space.

    Yu'an inverted front shock absorber

    High quality handling,
    Hangte opposed four piston radial calipers

    Metal 14L fuel tank

    Guaranteed 400Km+Ranger
    Large capacity side opening box at the rear


    Double exhaust pipes+front and rear double anti scald plate design
    Low output torque and high output horsepower

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