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Engine Type V-type 2 cylinder 4 stroke
Displacement  316 cc
Compression Ratio 11.5 : 1
Maximum Power  23.5KW/8500r/min
Maximum Torque 26.3N.m/6500r/min
Max Speed(Km/h) 145
LxWxH(mm) 2250×845×1070
Seat height(mm) (front seat)675、(Rear seat)772
Tank capacity(L) 14
Weight(kg) 185
ABS Dual channel ABS


motion performance1

Center soft tail frame/A-shaped rear flat fork
Ultimate cornering stability/comfort

3.0mm high tensile steel pipe
Escort you safely

motion performance2

Sports shock absorption adjustment, inverted 41mm front shock absorption
Rear oil pressure damping and shock absorption motion tuning setting

Front wheel: -----120/70-19
Rear wheel: -----150/70-17
Larger size configuration at the same level

motion performance3

Unlock auditory feast
The exhaust pipe design is never hasty
Low output torque
High transfer horsepower

motion performance4

Aircraft braking system - supplier Hangte.
Who dares to ride fast only when they can brake quickly.

Water cooled V2 engine

99.9 horsepower powered sports engines
Low noise gear treatment

146KM/H extreme speed


D-level LED high brightness 13K lumens
Unique capsule design

Excellent lighting effect, not afraid
of being faster

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